Remember Iron Man?

iron-man-2-cropWith summer coming at us with a serious barrage of highly anticipated odes to fiery destruction, firearms and the comedies that eschew either, it’s kind of tough to remember that about this time last year, Iron Man was surprising audiences and pocketing their money with giddy relish. The sequel to Iron Man is scheduled to arrive next year and director John Favreau and company have been hard at work in efforts to make it happen. To prove it, they’ve released the first image from Iron Man 2, which shows you Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) still uses a glowing pace maker, has totally upgraded his computer monitors and has been busy mass producing super suits– including his vintage Iraqi cave insurgent incineration getup.

The come from the digital presses of USA Today, so check out the snippet above, then click on it for all the shiny details.

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