Revenge of the Fallen ShoWest Footage


My enthusiasm for “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” just multiplied in a massive way after watching this clip from ShoWest. But really, would – no, can I, expect anything less explosive and bombastic from Michael Bay? I dare say, no. Check out the footage below and circle June 24th on your calendars.

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  • So THIS is what everyone was crying about. A Transformer with a cane and Bumblebees windshield washing fluid cryfest. Must be hard attaching yourself so closely to toys. Suckers. Bring on June 24.

  • Do you think Shia could have said “B” any more than he did? That, my friend, was pretty damn annoying.

  • I didn’t notice, I was keying in for an expected barrage of “No-no-nonononono!” or “W-a-a-w-w-wait!”

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