Review: The Help (A+) The Smurfs Don’t got Nothing on it!

This week I went and stayed at my Aunt Kathy’s for three days and we went and saw The Help. This hands down is the best movie this year. Emma Stone (Easy A) brings to life the journalist Eugenia Skeeter. Skeeter is a funny, sweet girl who wants to be a famous writer. When she gets a job at a local newspaper she is assigned to write a question and answer column for the help. She has no idea how to answer these questions so she asks her friend Elizabeth Leefolt’s -played by Ahna O’Reilly ( Forgetting Sarah Marshal)- maid Aibileen Clark- played by Viola Davis (Far From Heaven)- to help her answer the questions. Aibileen is not allowed by Elizabeth to help Skeeter. Skeeter secretly asks Aibileen to help her write a book about the help but again Aibileen refuses. Another one of Skeeter’s friends Hilly Holbrook- Bryce Dallas Howard (The Village)- just got done firing her maid Minny Jackson- Octavia Spencer (Never Been Kissed)- because Minny used the bathroom inside. Minny goes home to her abusive husband and many kids and tells everything to her best friend Aibileen. After Aibileen learns about Minny and how Hilly told all of her friends she is a thief Aibileen accepts Skeeter’s offer on helping Skeeter write the book about the help. The two girls secretly work together but they get caught by Minny who just got a job working Celia Foote- played by Jessica Chastain (Stolen). Minny decides to help Skeeter too. They work together and create a masterpiece. The three girls bond and make a friendship that will last forever.

Do yourself a huge favor and go and see this movie. If you are sick of blue people dancing and singing and monkeys trying to eat your face off then I suggest you see The Help. It is full of comedy, friendship and just plain awesomeness. Trust me I saw The Smurfs and The Help is so much better. Sorry.



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  • Emma, you rock! I really want to see this, but again am debating on reading the book before seeing the movie. Maybe I will just take your advice and go. :-) Hugs!

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