Richard in a Box

Richard Kelly. Way back in 2001, when the writer/director stormed the scene with his dark, brain-twisting cult fave/critically examined Donny Darko, he was touted as the next genius auteur. Of course, a second film has a way of changing overblown expectation and when Kelly followed up with the bloated, unintelligible cluster-hump known as Southland Tales in 2006, the same folks originally singing his praises were left holding a wet bag of dog crap, wondering if their pretentiousness had jumped in the way of good sense. Still, there’s nothing to erase the memory of past like next and well, sophomore projects… you know.

You’ll have a chance to judge for yourself when The Box, Richard Kelly’s seemingly straightforward thriller about a gift that allows a struggling family untold riches, but at a moral price. The premise is great and the trailer, full of Kelly-istic madness, does a great job of selling it.

See for yourself:

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