Roger Ebert Bitch Slaps Rush Limbaugh

While I disagree with your take on The Lovely Bones, Roger, I do applaud your lambasting of Rush Limbaugh.

Here’s the thing: I understand differing opinions and not always agreeing, that’s just part of life. All of us have friends and family whom with we don’t always see eye-to-eye with politically. Limbaugh however is one of a handful of pundits on both aisles of the political spectrum who serves and does no good. Limbaugh does nothing but stir up trouble. He’s not an investigative journalist throwing light on the misdeeds of politicians; he’s a loudmouth pontificator intent on lining his pocketbook by instilling fear and hatred into the hearts of his listeners, most of whom must tune in because they simply haven’t bothered to trust their own intellects and intelligence with discovering truth and light.

And before you number me with the left-wing nutjobs, let me be clear: I don’t care that Limbaugh is a conservative. His voting preferences have nothing to do with my dislike. I think he’s an intolerant, hate-spewing jackass and that’s why I don’t like him. The sooner he’s cast from the airwaves, the better.

At any rate, click on this link to read Ebert’s letter to Rush Limbaugh.

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