Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s New Sexy Replaces Megan Fox’s Old Sexy in Transformers 3

Ladies and gentleman, behold Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. She’s 23, hails from England, has dated Oliver Martinez (Unfaithful) and Jason Statham (The Bank Job) and is best known as a Victoria’s Secret Angel. As of today, according to Michael Bay’s website, she can add “Sam Witwicky’s Love Interest” to her resume, as she’s the new female lead in Transformers 3, which recently started filming in Los Angeles. She is the official replacement for collagen-happy Megan Fox, whom Michael Bay did not invite back for a third outing as Mikaela Banes.

I don’t know about you, but just from a sex appeal standpoint this seems like a smart move. Fox was never on my jaw-dropper list and definitely was not cast for her acting prowess, so plopping an underwear model into the third film is not even close to risky.

What do you think? Is Miss Huntington-Whiteley hotter than Fox? Do you even care? Is this even news? I’ll leave you to your thoughts while I wipe all the drool off my keyboard.

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15 comments On Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s New Sexy Replaces Megan Fox’s Old Sexy in Transformers 3

  • Megan fox your sexy for me

  • i think transformers 3 will not do that good like the 1st two why you ask first cause megan fox isn’t in it how are you just gonna kill a character in the first 2 movies and i saw imdb saying megan fox character’s boss in it ill be honest i saw the 2nd one cause megan fox was in it the robots was just a cherry on top and the victoria secret model isn’t even in megan’s fox league im calling it this movies will do good for opening week but thats it maybe i heard they having Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows come out in the same week as t3 lol

    • Are you serious? You actually think people line up to see Transformersbecause of Megan Fox? A movie doesn’t make gobs of money because of some puffy-lipped FHM floozy; it makes tons of cash because of giant kick-ass robots and shit blowing up non-stop. And to say Transformers 3 won’t do well at the box-office is absurd. The second was raked over the coals by critics, but audiences still flocked in droves. It made $420 million, almost $70 million more than its 2007 predecessor. Anyway, thanks for your comment, but I’m afraid your wrong.

      • Megan, youre the sexiest beauty out there.And anyone who denies it is just jealous of your fame. Have you checked out Rosie’s puffy lips–they’re even worse than Megan’s. Let’s just see how well T3 will do, I bet you it will lose a large audience since Megan was such a large financial asset.

        • At least Rosie’s lips are natural and not fake, like Megan’s. But again, Megan Fox is not a box office draw. Jennifer’s Body proved that, and Jonah Hex will further prove this. But again, all I’m saying is Tranformers 3 doesn’t lose anything with Megan Fox out of the picture. Period.

  • I agree with Andy Megan fox is not as hott as she thinks she is. All guys do not even like her its the media and its hype that say we do. She is fake from her lip injections, brow lift, nose job, eye color change, and boob job. Even then she still needs a professional make up artist and photoshop to make her look nice anad even then I personally know hotter chicks without all that help.

  • Fox and this chick are both hot no doubt but whats with the porcelain doll bitches?
    Bay is nothing more than a queer in a closet with his constant hard on for the military, sunsets and these wretched carrot eating pouters.
    I truly think Bay’s mentality is the equivalent of a runaway junior high boner.

    Sam Witwicky will be older in the 3rd, give his character a real woman not an olsen twin..ffs.

  • Megan Fox didn’t make Transformers. Transformers made Megan Fox. And then Megan Fox paid someone to make her lips… out of bubble gum, two Vienna sausages and a 32 cubic feet of Mall Rat lip gloss.

    Witwicky’s love interest could be a dude badly impersonating Joan Cusack and Transformers 3 would still make enough money to feed and clothe 90% of the US population.

  • What Thee Fuck, That Bitch Took Out Meqqan Foxx! That’s Bullshitt, Nobody Want’s A Blonde Bitch! Stupid Hoes, I Hate This Shit Now, You Can Garantuee Im Not Gunna Watch T3. Meqan Fox Made That Movie Better, And Now Look What We Have, A Blonde Bitch, Meqan Fox D’: Ahhhh! I Fuckinqq Love Meqan Fox And Now You Bitches Fucked Up Transformers Three With That Blonde Bitch D’: Ahhhhh! Dumb Fucks! Director Made A HUUUQQEEE Mistake, I Protest On THis Shit!!! We Wan’t Meqan Fox<33 Back! This is Bullshittt D': Uqhhhhh That Director Is A Biqq Retard Takinqq Out The Sexiest Girl Meqan Fox<33 Out Of That Movie, Ahh D': I Hate This Shit.| Retarted People These Days Get Even Worse nd Make Biqqq And i Mean Biqqqqq Mistakes! FUCKINGG TAKING OUT MEGAN FOXX!!! AHHH AND BTW SHE IS WAYY NOT SEXIER OR PRETTIER THAN MEGAN FOX

    • I love how you talk about “retarded” people these days when the way you type looks as if a chimp pounded on a keyboard. Your spelling and grammar is atrocious so I think its safe to say that your opinion is completely obsolete. And the only thing you found wrong with this new Rosie girl is that she’s blonde? Oh yeah, thats right, being blonde really makes some one ugly. You’re an idiot, this girl shits on Megan Fox any day. Her face is extremely more attractive, not to mention natural, and her body is the same if not better than Megan’s. And I read from an on set source that Megan was a total bitch on set, so from a professional stand point it was the right move. Sorry to contradict your obviously astounding intellect but Michael Bay did not make “HUUUQQEEE Mistake”. And by the way, Q’s can’t replace G’s. And as the previous people said, the movie is so big because of the action and robots, it really did make Megan Fox. Yes its true that the guys like a sexual interest in the movie, but I’m sure most will get their fix with this new Rosie girl. Personally, its an all around good decision, and she’s definitely way hotter than Megan.

      • No im Not Sayinq That This Chick IS Worse Because She’s A Blonde, She’s Sexxy, But Meqan Fox Is Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Better! And I Type How i Wanna Type P:

  • Amen, Jenn. Alan just go served.

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