Sam Mendes Helming Bond Makes Me Poop Myself with Excitement

Sam Mendes has never directed a terrible movie. His resume is absolutely impeccable. His deft touch with American Beauty (1999), Road to Perdition (2002), Jarhead (2005), Revolutionary Road (2008), and Away We Go (2009) proves he is one of the best and brightest directors in Hollywood. To see Mendes attached to the next James Bond movie makes me absolutely antsy for what is sure to be a fast-tracked 2011 release.  Mendes has an incredible eye for cumulative detail and a resounding sense of mood and structure, so for him to tackle one of cinema’s most iconic characters is something I’m sure fans of Bond and of film will both look forward to watching.

What do you think? Is this a good move for Mendes? What’s your favorite film from his resume? I’d have to say mine are American Beauty and Road to Perdition.

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  • I didn't lose bowel control, but I think this choice is fantastic. Hiring “unorthodox to genre” directors capable of their own vision is a trend that I'm loving.

    While Quantum of Solace suffers against Casino Royale and hampered by a writer's strike, it's still a solid actioner helmed with deft skill by Marc Forster– himself an unexpected but refreshing choice. If this rumor turns out to be concrete, and the series continues its reboot trend, I'm really, really looking forward to a well-rounded and fulfilling Bond outing that'll be more than the goofy, hokey and pandering crap of it's recent predecessors pre- Royale.

  • Agreed, Dan. I love the unorthodox approach. And despite Quantum of Solace not wowing audiences or critics, it's still pretty solid. I think Forster is a great director, which Monster's Ball and Finding Neverland both demonstrate.

  • Not that it's a bad choice by MGM, but talk about the LAST person I thought would direct a Bond movie. I'll admit that, along with Dan, I'm not 'pooping myself into delirium' but it'll be interesting to see how it turns out.

    I plan on seeing David Cronenburg helm the next Bond project ;)

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