Sam Worthington Holds a Shield

But not just any shield. A shield cobbled from the very bowels of Zeuss himself. Actually, I can’t remember and totally made that part up, but this is a picture of Sam “I’m the the new hotness” Worthington as Perseus in the “coming along very nicely, thank you” remake of Clash of the Titans. The image comes from UK based uber-movie mag Empire as scanned by /Film and as quickly propagated across the internet by everyone. Take that, exclusivity.


The picture looks great, as these things usually do, but to see Perseus looking like a warrior as opposed to a posy-plucking proponent of the shimmering loincloth ala Harry Hamlin circa 1981 is cool. I’m not sure who thenew Perseus is beating down on the extreme left of the frame, but I’m sure they deserve it.

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  • I won’t lie…this looks 100 percent awesome. But I might be jaded. I loved the original when I was a wee lad, going so far as having a Perseus action figure and a Pegasus toy horsey. This image looks rad. Rad I say!

  • “going so far as having a Perseus action figure and a Pegasus toy horsey.”

    That sentence went from “manly” to “little girl” in record time.

  • Perseus and Pegasus were bad ass, sir. Bad. Ass.

  • That they may be, but describing it as a “toy horsey” does not help your case…..

  • Andy i used to plan out the death of kids like you when i was a wee lad. you having the actual perseus and pegasus action figures meant you were rich. Me? i played with petrified dog poop and rocks and pretend they were actions figures.

    Im going to pee on your hotdog when you come over for the bbq this weekend.

    Sorry for the the hate.)

  • Are you kidding me! Rich! Bah! The only reason we got those kind of toys is my crazy grandmother lived near a Toys R’ Us and she didn’t have a damn clue what to gift us for Christmas. Other kids had He-Man, and I had Harry Hamlin and his horsey.

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