See More Avatar Through the Miracle of Advertising

Avatar, the massive James Cameron project too recently unknown to the general public, is beginning to find its legs thanks to a new, story-based trailer attached to the uber-trending Paranormal Activity. The better trailer still feels super late, but at least people know it’s coming in less than two months. Studio reassurances of massive marketing are abounding and apparently, now is the time to expect the Avatar marketing flood (that flood promised way back at Comic Con?)– there’s a lot riding on it, so it’s about time.

As part of this coming deluge, 20th Century Fox has released a featurette that not only gives more story detail, but also introduces a load of footage not seen in previous trailers. The featurette is typically fluffy and a bit overstated, but it’s still full of fantastical cool looking stuff.

Check it out below.

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