Sexy Tron Poster Makes Me Want to Actually See Tron

Tron: Legacy is a movie I have zero interest in seeing this holiday season. Don’t get me wrong, I love Jeff Bridges and I enjoy a fanciful romp through video game land as much as the next guy, but I fell asleep during the 1982 version and I’m anticipating I’ll do the same in 2010, especially with the craptastic 3D shoveled down my throat like some rancid cherry-on-top surprise.

However, with that said, this poster, released to the people of Hungary, may have swayed me. I’m a red-blooded American male, so a chick in a skintight suit, even one with a Frisbee on her back, is more than enough to get my beans boiling. This lovely lady, whoever she is, might just be enough to make me overlook Michael Sheen’s air-guitar silliness in the first Tron: Legacy trailer. The fact that his character is named Castor and runs a nightclub in TRON city makes me want to pummel my own willis and doodleberries with a paddle from my old Atari 2600.

At any rate, enjoy the poster below.

3 comments On Sexy Tron Poster Makes Me Want to Actually See Tron

  • So you are going to see this film based on a poster that looks sexy for you? Why even post an article like this? Tron Legacy is gonna be way better than you think.

    • Stephen, dear sir, you are not reading my sarcasm correctly. What I’m saying is out of everything Tron: Legacy has shown me, only this poster gives me the slightest inclination of wanting to see the film, and even then I’m being 100 percent facetious. I think the movie is going to suck. That’s my opinion. That’s why I post an article like this. Here’s my challenge to you: Why is it going to be better than I think? Give me some examples.

  • Skin tight is the old hotness, which is same as the new hotness and thus will always be the hotness. Chick looks like Jamie King, but as it turns out, is Beau Garrett– tv/movie pretty face bit part du jour.

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