Signs of the Looming Apocalypse: Piranha 3DD Begins Production

I love movies where killer fish go wild on unsuspecting humans and when I say movies I really mean Jaws. Everything else is utter crap. True story. When Piranha 3D came out last summer, I held my breath and hoped for the best, as I always do with these types of movies. I thought the cast was decent and the plot seemed ripe for success. Boy, was I wrong. Piranha 3D was absolute crap. It was a cameo-fest for pornstars and ridiculous gore and camp. Believe me, I’m 100 percent sure the filmmakers were going for the ridiculous, but the gore titilation and silliness were beyond cringe-worthy. It was, in my estimation, nearly unwatchable.

So, hey, if you were looking for signs of Jesus’ return, forget tornadoes, war, pestilence and the love of man waxing cold, and turn your attention to Piranha 3DD, which, according to a press release I received a few days ago, has just started production. The double D’s in the title is pretty clever. I’d like to congratulate the intern that came up with that little nugget. Considering all the adult film stars in the first movie, I’m sure the double D in the sequel definitely means we’ll see more fake boobies than Hugh Hefner. This second installment will be set in a waterpark and will feature the acting talents of one Gary Busey. No word yet on whether his teeth have been signed, as well.

Piranha 3DD comes to theaters November 23, 2011, and, according to the press release, “the feast is on this Thanksgiving.” John Gulager (Feast) will handle directorial duties.

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