Snake Eyes Stabs a Car

gi-joe-snake-eyes-figure-originalI’m not sure if you knew this, but there’s a GI Joe movie coming out. It’s true! Some think it’s going to be a pile of salad garnished with cat poop. Others think it’s going to be the movie that validates a 30+ year men playing with toys made for 10 year olds. Others, namely the sage readers and editors of AATM, will wait until the movie comes out, then rub the aforementioned cat poop in its face. Or maybe we’ll bill at as the must see movie of the summer. Who knows!

In the mean time, we’re happy to feed one and everyone all the clips the Stephen Sommers hype machine throws at us, so WATCH HERE as everyone’s coolest GI Joe Commando modern army figure (Snake Eyes, doye) turns into a rubber man and back– all while being chased by mechanized and shiny rubber men and using flying/exploding cars as a jungle gym.

In other news, word is, GI Joe’s already locked in for a sequel. Yo Joe.

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