Snow White Punches Slow Adopters in the Face… Kind Of

snow-whiteDisney may have the happiest slice of Anaheim real estate on earth (hear, hear!), a family-friendly empire always willing to shovel cash into its coffers and a surefire marketing machine that prints its own license to make money, but Disney’s also got some serious, swinging chutzpah. If they want you to take a permanent ride on their heavily subsidized bandwagon of Blu-Ray technology, by Walt’s ghost, you’re gonna do it.

Take Snow White for example. Disney animation’s first feature length film–and guaranteed inducer of toddler nightmares– is being kicked out of the vault and into heart and home the first week of October. But only on Blu-Ray, suckers! The DVD debuts around Thanksgiving seven weeks later.

Of course, you may already have Snow White on DVD from its last re-release back in 2001.  Pish-posh to that. Disney is taking steps to let you know you can’t stop progress: Snow White 2.0 is sure to have an even better transfer, even better special features, a newer, sparkling-er sound mix and even comes with a DVD version. I.e.- if you want the new bells and whistles Snow White without that pesky seven week wait, you’ll be picking up the Blu-Ray.

There’s no fighting it.  Blu-Ray is in your future and Disney’s making it happen. Submit your will to fate, buy that Blu-Ray player and let the big screen HDTV you got last Christmas finally live up to its potential.

Walt won’t find peace until you do.

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