Something Borrowed Trailer Proves I’m Losing my Mind

Maybe I’m getting softer, sappier and more emotional in my old age (I’m 36 for crying out loud!), or maybe al-Qaeda dropped an estrogen dirty bomb that I’m not aware of, but I’m seriously considering booking a therapy session after seeing the trailer for Something Borrowed and thinking, “Oh, that looks so touching and romantic!” On second thought, I’m going to chalk it up to Wintertime blues and my huge crush on Ginnifer Goodwin (HBO’s Big Love).  How could I not have a crush on someone with such a cute smile and whose first name spelling smells of sugar cookies and rainbows? Exactly.

Something Borrowed tells the story of childhood BFFs, Rachel (Goodwin) and Darcy (Kate Hudson). Darcy is flamboyant and selfish, while Rachel is steady, caring and hardworking. When Rachel won’t date her male best friend, Dex (Colin Egglesfield), Darcy steps in and eventually the two are engaged to be married.  Rachel can’t help but feel she’s made a mistake in not following her heart, so it’s no surprise, when after too much to drink on her 30th birthday, Rachel and Dex sleep together.  Add to the mix, Ethan (John Krasinski), another friend of Darcy and Rachel, who carries a secret, and things get complicated fast.

Honestly, this will probably be another springtime cheesy romance movie, but aside from wanting to see Kate Hudson get shafted, I think this movie espouses some fearless virtues that oftentimes go unheeded and overlooked in life. I’m not advocating affairs and tangled webs, but I am championing following your heart, living without fear and believing that anything is possible. As I’ve told my soon to be 13 year-old daughter on numerous occasions, the best way to find happiness in romance is to listen to the tinglings of your heart, which, more often than not, usually point Cupid’s compass to one’s best friend. Of course, I told her she’d have to wait until she’s 30 to explore any of this love mumbo-jumbo.

Take a peek at the Something Borrowed trailer after the jump and let me know your thoughts. It arrives in theaters on May 6, 2011 and is based on the2005 bestselling Emily Griffin novel of the same name.

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  • When I saw this trailer at the movie theater I kept thinking over and over, “I am not going to see this movie, I am not going to see this movie…” But I am a sucker for a great romance and may as well admit it. It looks like a cute movie. And I agree with Andy…who wouldn’t want to see Kate Hudson get shafted!!!! YIPPEE

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