Spiderman 4 Script in 2009

spidermanAccording to MovieWeb, director Sam Rami is saying a “Spiderman 4” script will be ready by this summer. And that’s all he knows. He’s reluctant to discuss villains because, well, the screenplay isn’t even done (see: isn’t even started). I’m reluctant to give a rat’s derierre because emo-Peter Parker in the last movie was so friggin’ lame I literally had to punch myself in my own netherregions to keep from abusing small animals. Wha? Too harsh?

I’m sorry Sam Rami, I really am. I want to care about your “Spiderman” franchise, but after you abused me so heartily in “Spiderman 3,” I just can’t seem to care. Seriously, that movie was a big turd. It was, dare I say, George Lucasian? Let’s hope you can take some pointers from the success of “The Dark Knight” and “Iron Man” and get back to the kind of movies you made with “Spiderman” and “Spiderman 2.”

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