Star Trek Does Kinda Good

star_trek_xi_ver18In the last Star Trek post in what’s officially been christened Star Trek Week(end), the impossible has happened. People beyond a highly protective fanbase actually cared about seeing Star Trek.

Hauling in over $76 million for it’s four day opening, the Trek that went pee-pee on Rodenberry’s grave earned $25 million more than the highest grossing (adjusted for inflation, of course) Trek film, First Contact… which, incidentally, also dealt with time travel. Come to think of it, with about 1/3 of the Trek movies dealing with time travel as a major plot point, maybe it’s time to let that one go.

In other news you probably won’t care about, Next Day Air was looking like a real contender, and almost took it to the Trek reboot with $4 million and number six slot.

It. Was. That. Close.

Last week’s money-printer, Wolverine, took a big slip to number two (and $27 million) with a 68% drop. Expected, with such a high profile debut coming in the very next Friday, but still really, really big nonetheless.

This week we’ll see Angels & Demons take a crack at the title of “Largest Opener: 2009”. While The Davinci CodeAngels raked in the dough acouple years back– I’m not sure is going to do the same. Still, with Tom Hanks’ rebooted haircut, it might still have an edge.

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