Star Trek Gets a Plot Hole Filled

It was decades ago– in Hollywood release schedule years– when Star Trek lens flared its way to theaters back in May. There’s no question the resuscitation attempt worked– the movie delivered fun to audiences and a whole lot of loot for Paramount. But despite the good times had with a bombastic score and the return of busty green alien chicks that would later shoot exploding arrows, one question remained: what the hell was the villain Nero doing for the 20 years between meeting the exploding Kirk Sr. and the fat-handed Kirk Jr.?

Word on the street suggested a whole scene had been cut which explained the gap and also introduced Star Trek‘s cranial villains, the Klingons. Well, word on the street was right and the scene will appear on the upcoming DVD/Blu Ray release. Spike TV, home to the we want to be all things to dudes that wash their drawers in Axe and subscribe to Maxim/FHM for the articles, has scored an embeddable clip of the scene. An embeddable clip you can both view and enjoy below.

Star Trek hits shelves November 17.

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