Star Wars Nerds Love April Fools’ Day

star-wars-nerdAnother April Fools’ Day is upon us and Star Wars fans are celebrating by basting their fantasies all over the web in the spirt of pulling your Jedi leg. I’ve seen two fake news posts today about a “new” trilogy in the works over at Lucasfilm. One, from The Movie Blog, states George Lucas is moving onward with the “Legacy Trilogy,” based on some comic books and set 125 years after “Return of the Jedi.” Another post, found on Firefox News, notes that “Juno” screenwriter Diablo Cody has been tapped by Lucas to write the screenplay for “Star Wars Episode VII.”

Listen, I love “Star Wars” too. It’s the franchise that taught me to love movies. It’s also the franchise, with it’s craptastic prequels, that taught me I don’t need to defend filmmakers who, regardless of nostalgia and memories, turn out bad movies. And let’s face it folks – the prequels were bad. At their best, they have snippets of genius, but are best viewed as trailers, not as films. I’d welcome a return to Star Wars on the big screen, but with a new director, a no-name cast, none of the silly kid nonsense and a tone and feel like “Batman Begins” and/or “The Dark Knight.”

Until then, I say boo. And until then, I laugh at the fanboys via Robot Chicken.

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