Star Wars: The Old Republic = FU George Lucas

I'll poke this Death Star's pruney, just like I poked all the fans! Muhahaha!
I'll poke this Death Star's pruney, just like I poked all the fans! Muhahaha!

I despise George Lucas as much as Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader despises Obi-Wan Kenobi for causing him to have a crispy fried lava crotch in “Revenge of the Sith.” No amount of Viagra or cybernetic devices can ever take the depression of destroyed loins away. And as we know, depression hurts everybody. Hence Vader’s choking of minions, and his eventual killings of Kenobi and Palpetine. But I digress. Let’s get back to George.

Here’s my beef: The Prequels are crap. I know, get over it, right? I am over it, but until they are remade or Captain Meatneck Flannelshirt somehow redeems himself, I will feel a little slighted. In fact, the reason I’m riled up is because of the trailer for the video game “Star Wars: The Old Republic.” I saw it over at John Campea’s Movie Blog today and it’s fantastic. Yes, it’s just a trailer and it’s for a video game, but it’s engrossing, fresh and exciting. Exactly what the prequels aren’t. And I suppose that’s what leaves a hole in my Star Wars heart. The prequels had so much potential, but they failed, because of George Lucas, to live up or even touch the heights they could have and should have.

So, for now, I’ll marvel at the trailer below and laugh at mine and Dan’s masterpiece, “Revenge of the Scharting Emperor,” and Dan’s fantastic creation, “Where in the World is Baron Papanoida.”

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  • This trailer represents exactly what went wrong with the prequels. The trailers were fantastic, the movies not such much.

  • Best opening line to a post ever. You are one funny old man.

  • When this game releases sometime next winter it will be the only game that gives WoW some competition with their 12 million subscribers.

    I detest anything star wars, it’s overhyped,overbaked and overused dogshat. I wish it would just die.

    That said i’ll probably play the crap out of this game because it comes from a solid dev who has made some decent rpg’s. Im also a sucker for sci fi even if i have to turn down that god awful theme music ive heard my whole life.

  • Thanks, Jenny.

    And Danny, wasn’t there a time in your life where you actually loved Star Wars? I have met very few who have despised it from day one.

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