James Cameron Should Shut His Piehole

By ANDY MORGAN I’m sure you’ve heard the brouhaha James Grumpypants Cameron started last week by dropping a Cleveland Steamer on the recently released Piranha 3D, whereupon one of the movie’s producers, Mark Canton, responded in kind today with a longwinded email that was equally douchetastic as Cameron’s verbal napalm in his interview with Vanity Fair. And while I’m not impressed with either man’s behavior, I’m going to single out James Cameron because he was the instigator. All of those

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Movie Review: The Last Airbender (F)

By ANDY MORGAN There are very few movies I completely and utterly abhor. Generally, I can usually find something positive or likeable in a film, even if said cinema is receiving disgust and scorn en masse from most fall-in-line movie critics. I relish the truth that I don’t always see eye-to-eye with most critics and can find some thread of hope in Hollywood’s efforts. Such is not the case with M. Night Shyamalan’s The Last Airbender. I literally hated every

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Movie Review: The Last Airbender (C-)

By DAN VINTON If there’s one thing The Last Airbender does well, it proves any mystique surrounding M. Night Shaymalan is gone. With this coffin-bound nail, all residual goodwill The Sixth Sense director retained from followup successes like Unbreakable, Signs and even the creepy but fatally flawed The Village has been throttled by his is own hands. Shaymalan’s latest, (based on the 2005-2008 Nickelodeon cartoon series I’ve never seen), builds a likable, tactile, genuinely fascinating and lushly art-directed world of

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This Week’s DVD, Blu-ray and Cinema Offerings

It’s been slim pickings here at AATM review-wise for the last few weeks. Kick-Ass wasn’t screened for Utah-based critics and both Date Night and The Losers were screened during the day, which for two working-class stiffs like me and Dan is next to impossible to attend. At any rate and all excuses aside, here’s what you can look forward to this week: Opening in theaters on April 23: The Losers (PG-13) You can read Dan’s commentary on the poster here

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Avatar on Blu-ray and DVD April 22!

If you were of the 12 people in America who didn’t see Avatar in theaters and didn’t help fill James Cameron’s wallet with $732 million, then you can pre-order your DVD or Blu-ray copy of Avatar today from Amazon.com. It was announced yesterday the all-time highest grossing domestic and worldwide movie will hit stores on April 22 – which, by no coincidence, is Earth Day. However, if you want special features, pretty menus and all the bells and whistles, you’ll

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Cupid Rules the Day at the Box Office

The star-studded Valentine’s Day is the box office champ this weekend, besting Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief and The Wolfman by $20 million, the latter two finishing neck-and-neck with $31 and $30 million respectively. The top five was rounded out by the strong-as-ever Avatar ($22 million) and the one-and-done Dear John ($15 million). Now the question is will next week’s lone release, Shutter Island, take over the top spot? I’m going to say no. As of today,

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WTF? Avatar Falls to Dear John!

Avatar’s seven week reign as the box office champ ended this weekend and it wasn’t John Travolta and From Paris with Love that kicked the Na’vi in the groin. No, it was Dear John, the movie starring Channing Tatum and Amanda Seyfried, which is based on the Nicholas Sparks novel of the same name. Yes, the movie that’s currently boasting a 29 percent fresh rating on RottenTomatoes.com.  Dear John took first place with an estimated $32.4 million and Avatar was

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It’s Official, Avatar Now the Box Office Shiz Niz

James Cameron must have a direct line to God or something, because the naysayers (including me) guffawed at the ballooned budget of 1997’s Titanic and predicted it would bomb at the box office. Instead, as we all know, Titanic became the worldwide and domestic box office champ, a record that’s held until today when, ironically, another big budget Cameron epic booted the iceberg-doomed ocean liner from number one to number two. And yes, I will admit, back on December 17,

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Avatar Set to Sink Titanic’s Longstanding Box Office Reign

So three weeks ago on the KVNU Movie Show I stupidly claimed Avatar would be hard pressed to beat Titanic’s longstanding box office record of $600,788,188 and wouldn’t even come close to the iceberg-doomed ship’s grip on the all-time worldwide box office of $1,842,879,955. Sure it was making some noise in December, but recent box office trends suggested it would drop by 50% or more in consecutive release weeks. I was confident in my opinion. Color me corrected. As, Tyler

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‘Avatar’ to Andy: Suck it!

Andy, three weeks ago: “Avatar has no chance of upending Titanic.” Andy, two weeks ago: “It’s very unlikely that Avatar will replace Titanic as the top grossing movie of all time.” Andy, one week ago: “Avatar could beat Titanic.” Andy, today: “Pwned.” The socialist Canadian Broadcasting Company reports: James Cameron’s 3-D blockbuster Avatar has toppled one of the many records set by his earlier epic, Titanic. Kapuskasing, Ont.-born Cameron’s science fiction extravaganza spent a sixth consecutive week atop box offices

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