Kit Fisto Says Prepare to Get Fisted! Star Wars to Blu in 2011!

You knew it was coming someday, but now the release of the entire Star Wars saga to Blu-ray is official via Baron Papanoida at the Celebration V event in Orlando, Florida. Host Jon Stewart asked the Baron fan submitted questions, and aside from how big are Aayla Secura’s hoots, the question of Star Wars to Blu-ray was the most frequent. B-Pappy says it will hit stores at a yet-to-be-announced date in Fall 2011. The set will have all six movies

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Avatar Na’vi Porno Sexy Time! (NSFW)

Apparently the DVD and Blu-ray release of Avatar will have an extended sexytime scene between Jake Sully and Neytiri where, I’m guessing, we see their ponytail USB ports link up in the heat of passion. At any rate, I saw this cartoon at The Movie Blog today and laughed so hard Red Bull squirted out of my nose. Let me caution you: This is so very wrong and I am ashamed I laughed. But yeah. Spot on. Oh, and if

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