OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL is Beautiful, Magical and a Must-See March Movie!

When I was a kid, nothing – absolutely nothing – scared me more than Miss Almira Gulch, aka The Wicked Witch of the West, from the classic 1939 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer masterpiece, THE WIZARD OF OZ. Arguably the most-watched movie in history, there was something about her sinister sneer and evil cackle that gave me the willies, especially when Dorothy spies her inside the tornado, peddling outside the window of the uprooted Gale home. Despite having seen STAR WARS, JAWS, SUPERMAN and

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Color Me Not Excited: First Photo of Lone Ranger and Captain Jack Tonto

I wasn’t a kid in the late 1940s and early 1950s when The Lone Ranger was making waves on ABC, nor did I tune in via radio to one of the 2,956 episodes broadcast from 1933 to 1954, so it’s hard to have any nostalgia for a hero people pooping in Depends thought was the real deal. Sure he’s a cowboy and he has a cool mask, but I couldn’t even latch on with the 1981 movie, The Legend of The Lone

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Trailer Tuesday: New Tron: Legacy Trailer!

I fell asleep about 15 minutes into Tron, the 1982 DayGlo sci-fi adventure starring Jeff Bridges and Bruce Boxleitner, so about the only handshake I have with the movie is countless quarters wasted on the arcade game of the same name. When a sequel was announced – this December’s Tron: Legacy – I yawned and gave 3D another fierce shake of the fist. To this date I have seen nothing, story-wise or visual elements, that has pulled me from the

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Sexy Tron Poster Makes Me Want to Actually See Tron

Tron: Legacy is a movie I have zero interest in seeing this holiday season. Don’t get me wrong, I love Jeff Bridges and I enjoy a fanciful romp through video game land as much as the next guy, but I fell asleep during the 1982 version and I’m anticipating I’ll do the same in 2010, especially with the craptastic 3D shoveled down my throat like some rancid cherry-on-top surprise. However, with that said, this poster, released to the people of

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New Prince of Persia Trailer Surprisingly Not Turdtastic

I don’t care for the Prince of Persia video game franchise. I’m not a huge fan of Jake Gyllenhaal (although I did like him in Zodiac) and I’m usually hit and miss with everyone’s favorite guy that once played Gandhi, Ben Kingsley (Shutter Island). So, to say the least, I have not been in the Cartwheel Club for Disney’s Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. From posters to trailers, thus far the movie has failed to hook me. Imagine

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Tron Time is Sexy Time

I’m a sucker for visual/art/production design. Which explains why Andy’s correctly dubbed me a Bluray whore and why on Tuesday Pandorum (review here) made off with $20 of my hard-earned stripping dollars, why I periodically revisit the vile Alien: Resurrection and why The Spirit is shaming Spider-Man 3 and Starship Troopers on my Bluray shelf. It’s also why, whether Tron Legacy will be good or bad, I get all slobbery when I think forward (way, way off in the distance

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Disney’s A Christmas Carol (Dan’s Take): B-

Director Robert Zemeckis has a lot to live up to. His motion capture adaptation of the perennial holiday ghost story A Christmas Carol has 150 years of being realized, re-born and re-interpreted again and again. If you’ve been alive at any point since 1843, you probably have your favorite iteration, ranging from the original publication to the stage plays to the 1951 film classic (winner!). It’s clear Robert Zemeckis realized this when he approached his wowie tech version of A

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