X-Men Origins Leaks, Spills on You

We didn’t really cover much of the “Oooooo! Someone’s in double-dutch!!” that was the X-Men Origins: Wolverine internet leak. You know, the unprecedented full feature, major-tentpole-leak-a-month-before-it-hit-theaters X-Men Origins: Wolverine internet leak?  The one that had 20th Century Fox calling up the FBI, threatening major jail time and promising it was only an “early version” (i.e.- if you think it sucks, we’ve got our butts covered just long enough to delay any potential bad word of mouth). Still, it happened. And

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Hunky Hugh Could Visit your Town!

This just in – Hugh Jackman, aka Wolverine in May’s “X-Men Origins:  Wolverine,” wants to hold the movie premiere in your hometown. Why, you might ask? Because he wants to enslave your wife and/or girlfriend, who, no doubt, has been drooling over the hunky Aussie since “Australia” hit theaters last December. Here’s the details: To put in a bid for your town to host the “X-Men Origins” premiere – complete with red carpet, Kliegg lights and some of Wolverine’s “friends

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