KVNU Movie Show: Loads of Apes and a Sex Tape!

For the second straight weekend DAWN OF THE PLANET OF THE APES ruled the box office, bringing its two week haul to a respectable $139 million and change. It might be one of the best-reviewed movies of the summer, but I think it could bumped with LUCY, HERCULES (sadly) and GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY all about to  hit multiplexes across the country. What didn’t rule the box office? The sporadically funny SEX TAPE, starring Jason Segal and Cameron Diaz. It

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Dan Vinton: The God of all Oscars

He won the Oscar Nomination Smackdown and now, Daniel Vinton has won the title of God of All Oscars with a win in the KVNU/AndyAtTheMovies.com Oscar Pick’em contest. The contest was close, with the Best Picture winner (“The Hurt Locker“) determining the winner of the challenge. Dan’s 37 points bested second-place Andy’s 34. Tyler Riggs and Aaron Peck both pulled a 33, while everyman Harry Caines brought up the rear with a 28.

Dan Vinton BARELY edges Aaron Peck in 2010 KVNU Oscar Smackdown

Judge’s Note: There was some controversy this morning as a result of Dan Vinton selecting Colin Firth as a nominee for actor in a leading role, but labeling him as being in “A Single Man.” Because Colin Firth did not star in both films, it was clear to the judge, upon a second review of the results, what Dan Vinton meant. It is no more fair to let someone lose on a small mistake like that than to let someone

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Join us on the KVNU Movie Show Tonight!

Tonight marks another edition of the KVNU For the People Movie Show on 610 AM (for Utah listeners; our national audience can tune in online by clicking here).  Tyler Riggs, Dan Vinton and I will be talking, amongst our usual hilarious banter, the following topics: What’s New in Theaters this Week (Leap Year, Youth in Revolt, Daybreakers). Review of Leap Year (click here for my review). Dan and Andy’s Best/Worst Movies of 2009. Next Week’s Movie Releases (The Book of

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