KVNU Movie Show: “Hey, Optimus, Say Hi to your Mother for Me”

If you missed the KVNU For the People Movie Show on Friday, we talked about TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION and my non-hatred of Michael Bay’s filmography. It’s too easy to crap on Michael Bay and I won’t hop on that bandwagon. Also, he likes to blow shit up and I like watching shit blow up, so, you know, we complete each other. I also generally enjoy Mark Wahlberg, especially when he (or Andy Sandberg) talks to animals. Click here to

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Holy Bonerpants! Transformers: Dark of The Moon Looks Baytastic!

Say what you want about Michael Bay and poop all you want on Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen, but Bay knows how to make a slick action movie. You can argue story and substance all day long, but you can’t debate beauty and bang, because that’s what Bay does best. This is completely evident in the newest and longest trailer for the third movie in the Transformers franchise, Transformers: Dark of The Moon. I watched this two and a half

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Trailer, Ahem, Tuesday – Transformers: The Dark of the Moon

Happy Thursday, AATM readers! I hope you enjoy this installment of, ah, Trailer Tuesday. I’ve been behind on posting goodies because it’s awards season and I’m up to my ears in screener DVDs sent from hopeful studios. The Utah Film Critics Association votes in a few weeks on the best of 2010, so I’ll make sure to share our chosen winners, as well as my ballot and who I picked. Hard to believe another year is almost in the rear

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Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s New Sexy Replaces Megan Fox’s Old Sexy in Transformers 3

Ladies and gentleman, behold Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. She’s 23, hails from England, has dated Oliver Martinez (Unfaithful) and Jason Statham (The Bank Job) and is best known as a Victoria’s Secret Angel. As of today, according to Michael Bay’s website, she can add “Sam Witwicky’s Love Interest” to her resume, as she’s the new female lead in Transformers 3, which recently started filming in Los Angeles. She is the official replacement for collagen-happy Megan Fox, whom Michael Bay did not invite

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Transformers 3 Adds Big Names to Cast

Michael Bay announced on his website on March 22 that Oscar regulars, John Malkovich (Burn After Reading) and Frances McDormand (Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day) have joined the cast of Transformers 3, due to hit theaters the summer of 2011. Also joining the cast is Ken Jeong, most recently seen in The Hangover doing a naked Asian impression with Bradley Cooper of the facehugger scene in Alien. The three actors join Transformers regulars Megan Fox, Shia LaBeouf, Tyrese Gibson

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On Transformer Tuesday, Reviews Still Matter

While picking up my “you know better, but it’s the explosions!” copy of Transformers: Revenge of Bombacity The Fallen (T:ROTF)at the local Best Buy today, the checkout guy was shocked, SHOCKED, when I told him how dumb I thought Michael Bay’s latest foray into robots and asplosions was. Hypocrisy? Sure, but there’s an underlying point here: if everyone loves the movie, does reviewing it even matter? After our review of T:ROTF on the 6/26 radio show, we received a lot

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Megan Fox is a Beeotch? Who knew.

Apparently Michael Bay and everybody that worked on Transformers and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.  Some angry crew penned this letter in defense of Bay after Fox said Michael Bay’s directorial style is akin to that of Hitler.  I won’t say anymore, but here’s the full text of the letter (thanks to www.thesuperficial.com): This is an open letter to all Michael Bay fans. We are three crew members that have worked with Michael for the past ten years. Last week

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Please, Sir, May I Have Some More Bad Boys?

I could definitely find a place for Bad Boys and Bad Boys II in the Showcase of Shame, especially given the flicks’ Rotten Tomatoes 42 and 23 percent stinktastic rankings, but that’s another post. This post is about Columbia Pictures hiring Sally Field’s son, Peter Craig, to pen the screenplay for Bad Boys III, with the studio crossing its fingers that Michael Bay, Will Smith and Martin Lawrence will once again join forces. Smith and Lawrence are locks for a

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Michael Bay Takes 3D, Explodes and Perforates It

I’ll make no apologies. I’m an ardent defender of Michael Bay’s filmography. Yes he’s known as a cocky, volatile potty mouth who subsidizes the cochlear implant industry with big, dumb action movies– and all with the prettiest feathered hair you’ve ever seen this side of The Max. But when explosions and flying chunks of debris demand star treatment–when you need a sunset silhouetted money shot–Michael Bay refuses to disappoint. So put your Pearl Harbor hatred down and back away from

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