Trailer Tuesday: Beastly

You’d think with all the sunny weather we’ve had in Utah over the last two weeks I’d be doing cartwheels and salivating at the prospects of summer weather right around the corner. But no, I’ve been one cranky SOB and nothing is riling me up more than 2010’s summer movie slate. I’m fairly sure my must-see list can be counted on one hand and I’m similarly confident my must-miss list is overweight with moronic crap, like the trailer below for

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Rating the 2010 Super Bowl Trailers

Congratulations to the New Orleans Saints on winning Super Bowl XLIV in what may have been the most boring NFL championship since, well, the last time the Indianapolis Colts went to the Super Bowl in 2007. And while I love football as much as the next dude, I won’t lie – I anticipate the commercial breaks in the hope I’ll see some genius advertising or some phenomenal movie preview. This year’s commercials and trailers were ho-hum, except for the Google

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Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince Trailer

Out today is a new trailer for “Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince.” I must admit, I haven’t read any of the Harry Potter books, nor shall I ever, but I have enjoyed all the films for the most part. And this, the sixth Potter film, looks to be equally impressive, especially from the tasty snippets divulged in this new trailer. As a side note, as reported earlier, “The Half-Blood Prince” opens on July 15th and is rated PG. Check

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Trailer Tuesday: Funny People

Every Tuesday I’ll have a trailer up on the blog – it could be something from the past, something currently in theaters or something coming soon, either way it’ll be a nice game of cinematic Russian roulette. Last night, as I sat on the couch with my aching tummy, I watched “Knocked Up” on HBO (even though I have it on DVD) and I realized, as I always do when I see something Judd Apatow has written and directed, that

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