Trailer Tuesday: My Least Favorite Pixar Movie Has a Sequel and a Trailer

Pixar can do no wrong, but even though they crap gold bricks, sometimes even the vaunted makers of Toy Story, The Incredibles, Up and Wall-E make a less than stellar movie. Such is the case with Cars, and now, this summer, we get to reunite with Lightning McQueen (Owen Wilson), Mater (Larry the Cable Guy), Sally (Bonnie Hunt), Mack (John Ratzenberger) in Cars 2. Joining the regulars for the second helping are Michael Caine (The Dark Knight) as Finn McMissle,

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New Toy Story 3 Trailer is Pixarriffic, As Expected

So I watched the new trailer for Toy Story 3 and I laughed and smiled and tipped my hat to Pixar. These guys can’t lose. But maybe that’s what’s wrong with this preview. I didn’t circle June 18, 2010 on my calendar and I’m not doing cartwheels and openly crapping my drawers over the prospect of seeing Buzz, Woody and Potato Head for a third time. I suppose part of my reluctance to embrace Toy Story 3 is it seems

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Up Ties Some Loose Ends

Up is one of the year’s best. The movie runs the smorgasbord of emotions and themes– and while I’ve heard that criticized as a soft attempt to break through the live-action Best Picture barrier while pacifying the masses with fun (IE- a movie that’s not too thought-provoking), I say stop being so cynical. Not everything has to be an exercise in existential misery wallowing. In the mean time, Pixar’s released an animated short from the world of Up.  The short

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New Toy Story 3 Trailer Online

It’s Pixar, Woody, Buzz and the whole gang of toys back for a third installment and I know I should be excited, but I’m not. I understand Pixar and Disney don’t want to sell the farm story-wise on the first feature trailer, but this preview just doesn’t get me revved up to see Toy Story 3. In fact, it kind of irritates me the studio imagines the fumes from Toy Story and Toy Story 2 are potent enough for a

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Toy Story 3 Poster is Kinda Meh

This is the teaser poster for what surely will be the highest grossing Pixar movie ever? For Toy Story 3? Who designed this? Seriously. It looks like an intern at Pixar barfed this out. I mean, I know times are tough and the economy is poop, but last I looked Hollywood raked in a record $4.18 billion at the box office this summer, so you’d think they could afford to put a little more thought and love into the teaser

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Pixar’s Up Dominates Weekend Box Office

Everybody loves “Up” and that was etched in stone over the weekend when theatergoers anxious to see Pixar’s new computer animated masterpiece poured in $68.2 million, knocking “Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian” out of first place and dropping “Terminator Salvation” to fourth place. “Star Trek” stayed strong in the fifth spot, with a four week gross of $209.5 million. Frankly, I can’t see “Up” relinquishing the top spot anytime soon, either. I don’t think upcoming releases “Land

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If You See Up, You’ll See This

If you’re going to see Up tonight (or caught it already), this won’t be news to you– but Pixar’s next project, Toy Story 3 has a new teaser trailer. It’s the old gang and while it all feels familiar, it also feels all… familiar. Pixar/Disney Animation head John Lasseter vowed no sequels unless there was a good and compelling reason to do one, so I’m not too concerned in that Pixar’s built 10 years of trustworthy brand. It’s just that

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Up: Pixar’s New Film is Heartfelt Magic (****)

There is a scene in Pixar’s new computer-animated film “Up” where the entire life, from youth to old age, of our grumpy, square-jawed, prune-faced protagonist, Carl Fredricksen (Edward Asner), is played out in a matter of minutes. Accompanied by composer Michael Giacchino’s (“Star Trek,” “Ratatouille”) gentle piano-based score, and without any dialogue, we catch a glimpse of Carl’s simple, stress-free and full-of-love life with his childhood sweetheart, Elie, who, at the end of the montage, passes away. It’s a moving

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