I apologize from pulling you away from the buttloads of STAR WARS VII rumors swirling the web, but this STAR WARS trailer has a little GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY flair to it and you must watch forthwith! Okay! Now that’s done, please return to you regular scheduled rumor mill. Today’s gem? Tom Cruise has a cameo in STAR WARS VII! 2015 can’t come soon enough. Sigh.

Star Wars: The Complete Saga on Blu-ray Trailer

Frequent readers of AATM know that I absolutely, unequivocally love Star Wars, but that I also derive great pleasure in mocking the craptastic prequel trilogy and George Lucas’ hungry wallet (made of rancor leather, no less) and equally ravenous ego that turned my childhood memories from monolithic Star Destroyers chasing the Millennium Falcon through asteroids, Luke’s hand getting whacked off by Darth Vader, and Lando Calrissian disco dancing with Ewoks, to petulant little midi-chlorian-filled brats asking strangers if they’re angels,

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Trailer Tuesday – Family Guy: It’s a Trap Trailer Makes Me Giddy for December 21st!

I don’t watch much TV. Maybe it’s a window into my personality, but TV requires a commitment, even with DVR, that a 90 to 120 minute movie theater viewing does not. Plus, excluding some cable TV shows, most of the drama on the boob tube is sub-par storytelling and bland acting, at best. I realize movies don’t always knock it out of the park, but like a one-night-stand, at least I can sneak out of bed and not feel obligated

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George “Moneybags” Lucas Ready to Ruin a New Star Wars Trilogy

So I finished playing Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II last night, and despite some ho-hum reviews of the game, I was reminded how awesome Star Wars is when George Lucas isn’t sticking his silly, emotionless, underwhelming hands into every nook and cranny of the universe he started back in 1977. Finishing the Starkiller saga reminded me how excited I was at the news of a prequel trilogy and how badly I wanted to embrace them as the new hotness

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Even More Reasons to Hate George Moneybags Lucas

Photos from the set of The Empire Strikes Back have producer Gary Kurtz looking like some bearded, bright-eyed, Tinsletown version of Brigham Young. Sadly, for Star Wars fans, Kurtz and Lucas parted ways after TESB because Kurtz wanted to continue to tell special space stories and Lucas, aka Baron Papanoida, wanted to milk every last drop of golden juice from the toy teat the Star Wars saga had begun to spawn. Specifically, Kurtz and Lucas split after TESB because they

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Kit Fisto Says Prepare to Get Fisted! Star Wars to Blu in 2011!

You knew it was coming someday, but now the release of the entire Star Wars saga to Blu-ray is official via Baron Papanoida at the Celebration V event in Orlando, Florida. Host Jon Stewart asked the Baron fan submitted questions, and aside from how big are Aayla Secura’s hoots, the question of Star Wars to Blu-ray was the most frequent. B-Pappy says it will hit stores at a yet-to-be-announced date in Fall 2011. The set will have all six movies

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Meet the Jedi A-Holes

Dan shared this link with me today and we both laughed heartily. Anyone who enjoys Star Wars and who has met their fair share of douchebags will appreciate this video. Click the article heading above to watch the video, or click here.

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