Utah Film Critics Association Picks Year’s Best! Viva la Drive!

Wow, how did it get to be January 6, 2012 all of the sudden? Seems like just yesterday I was just wrapping Christmas presents (like I really wrap presents, that’s what wives and kids are for) and starving myself so I could pound down all the holiday goodies my seasonally stretched waistline could muster before popping buttons on my suddenly-tight jeans. Point is this: I haven’t posted a lot at Andy at The Movies.com during the holidays and I have

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Utah Film Critics Association Annouces 2009 Award Winners

Up in the Air was recognized with two awards at the annual meeting of the Utah Film Critics Association, including Best Picture of 2009. The film’s director, Jason Reitman, also won for Best Achievement in Directing. In the Male Lead Performance category, Viggo Mortensen was recognized for his work in The Road as a father leading his young son through a post-apocalyptic America. Carey Mulligan took Female Lead Performance honors as a teenager involved with an older man in An

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