Tauntaun Sleeping Bag Gets REAL

tauntaun-sleepingbag-embed3Waaay back in April, ThinkGeek April-Fooled many a Star Wars nerd with their Tauntaun sleeping bag. Seems everyone wanted to nestle their middle-aged spare tires and a box of cookies children into its fleece-lined innards. Reader Jason even went so far as to say “They had better produce and market this. It could single handedly stimulate our economy out of this recession.

Well Jason, consider your wish Thinkgeek’s command, because dudes scored a license from Lucasfilm and are ready to produce these suckers from right out of your wildest dreams and–for $99.99– onto your floor. Sadly, the bag spans a kid-sized 5′ 5″ in length, so unless buyers are hobbits, man-fans will still have to watch their prequel/sequel marathons from under the cover of 32% body fat or the limited edition comforter scored off E-bay from Starwarsjunksale69. Wah-waaaah.

Check out the details and preorder your own right here.  In the mean time, come November, I expect a quick exit from this recession.

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