The Amazing Spider-Man is Another Reason to Smile at 2012

With the looming Apocalypse/Armageddon in 2012, some folks might find it a tad bit difficult to feel sunny about the future. But take it from me, there is plenty to be excited about for 2012. I mentioned The Dark Knight Rises as my own personal 2012 must-see, but we can’t forget the other movies coming down the pike (The Hunger Games and the Superman reboot, Man of Steel), particularly The Amazing Spider-Man. And, lucky for us, Entertainment Weekly just dropped a whole load of Spider-Man images the latest issue (check out the gallery below).

There are so many reasons to believe this re-boot of the Spidey franchise will be nothing short of stellar. From the director, Marc Webb, who dazzled us in 2009 with (500) Days of Summer, to the cast – Andrew Garfield (The Social Network), Emma Stone (Easy A), Rhys Ifans (Greenburg), Martin Sheen (The Departed), Sally Field (Brothers & Sisters) and Dennis Leary (Rescue Me). Plus, the photos tell the tale – this is a new vision and rightly so, because nobody wants any remembrances of Spider-Man 3 in their minds when July 3, 2012 rolls around.

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