The Avengers Teaser Trailer Takes My Scarlett Johansson Lust to New Levels!

I’m not on the “OMG! Joss Wedon is the shizniz and the second coming of cinematic Jesus!” bandwagon and I’m not a follower of The Avengers. It’s definitely not a movie I am aching to see in 2012. However, I do like Iron Man and Iron Man 2, Captain America: The First Avenger was one of my favorite movies of Summer 2011 and, well, Scarlett Johansson lights my fires and kicks my tires in the worst way. Seriously, not sure what happened between her and former husband (and my man-crush) Ryan Reynolds, but if she needs a new dude it would just take a text from her for me to pack a suitecase and be on my way. Did I write that out loud? Yes, I did. Whoopseeee. Moving on.

For people who don’t have The Avengers Underoos, this elite superhero squad consists of team leader Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson), Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.), Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson), Captain America (Chris Evans), Thor (Chris Hemsworth), Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) and The Hulk (Mark Ruffalo). From the looks of the teaser trailer (see below), the group takes on Loki (Tom Hiddleston), the nasty half-brother of Thor and villain from Summer 2011’s Thor, who is intent on conquering Earth and making its inhabitants his beeotch.

I like the trailer and I dig chicks in black leather who know how to use firearms, so this just went from “meh” to “ahhhhhh yeeeeeeaaaah” on my 2012 must-see movie list. The Avengers comes to theaters on May 4, 2012. Check out the trailer and leave your thoughts!

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  • All it would take is a text from her to me and I’d be on the way to her place too. ;) My daughter is named Scarlet for a reason! However, I have no problem settling for Ryan Reynolds.
    I hope the movies is good – I really like Scarlett Johansson.

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