The Change-Up Trailer Made Me Spit Out the Precious

And by the precious, I mean my 16 ounce sugar-free Red Bull. Maybe you don’t like it, but it is precious…to…me.

I digress.

The Change-Up, sliding into theaters on August 5, 2011, looks like Freaky Friday got in a head-on collision with a porno movie, and for a guy like me, who loves Urban, this movie looks like pure win. Be forewarned though, the trailer below is of the redband variety, which means your boss might not appreciate words like “dick fro,” “taint” and “Arabian goggles.” Watch at your own risk. It’s not my fault if (a) your sensibilities are crushed by Satan’s big steel-toe boot of crassness, or (b) you get your can fired. In the case of (b), you probably already had it coming for playing Farmville or other Facebook nonsense at work all day.

I don’t know if I need to go into too much detail on the plot, as the trailer spells it out pretty good. I think the cast on this movie is great, though, with Ryan Reynolds (Green Lantern), Jason Bateman (The Switch), Leslie Mann (Funny People) and Olivia Wilde (Tron: Legacy) starring. Again, this hits theaters in the summer-is-almost-over safe spot of August 5, 2010. If it’s a success the studio will do cartwheels, but if it fails, they didn’t expect much to begin with and will assuage their tears with the greenback hankie of the unrated DVD release!

Check out the redband (NSFW) trailer below!

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