The Riddick Sequel That Just Won’t Quit

riddick_one-sheetSomewhere down the line, Chronicles of Riddick is going to appear in the Showcase of Shame. It’s assured. Destined, even. I’m a fan of the film not only for its ambition, but for the sheer world and universe creation unfolded in its (highly cut) two hours. I know there’s some rhetorical punching due my face for saying that, and while I’ll admit it’s certainly not perfect,  the more I see it, the more I appreciate it.

It’s not that Riddick didn’t do decently when it was released, it’s just that it didn’t do as well as expected. Vin Diesel’s career subsequently took a big stumble it’s only recently (thanks to Fast and Furious) that he’s been back on the mend, which allows him to get a passion project like Riddick moving again. To its credit, Riddick has since taken on a second life in the DVD/Hi-Def home entertainment market (the film is an ode to the miracles of Hi-Def on Blu Ray) and while director David Twohy and Diesel have been talking about another chapter since the debut of Chronicles of Riddick, nothing’s materialized.

Latino Review, however, has unearthed some hints that another sequel may be more of a reality than the one that’s seemingly been a fantasy in Vin Diesel’s shaved head. On the Blu-Ray BD Live director’s commentary (recorded earlier this year), Diesel and Twohy give quite a bit more information on where the potential project is at. Review has painstakingly transcribed the conversation highlights for your reading pleasure should you be so inclined. We’ve included one:

Vin: It’s actually interesting that we’re doing the blu-ray commentary now and that we’ve been asked to do it now. Ah, we are in the process of starting the next one. So we have to kind of take ourselves back five years.

Click here to read the full synopsis, which begins a few scrolls down.

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  • I like me the Vinny, the dude plays video games and has an 80 toon in wow..all this while making movies and living the dream.

    ..I take it back..i hate you Mr.Diesel.

  • I like Vin in stuff like this. Hard not too. I like both “Pitch Black” and “Chronicles of Riddick” very much.

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