The Hobbit in 3D… In Jackson I trust

Lets get this out of the way. I hate 3D movies. I saw Chicken Little in 3D years ago and am still trying to recover from the experience. When it comes to 3D movies, I ask myself… Does a movie in 3D add anything to the story that wouldn’t be there in 2D? Most of the time, I think that answer is no. After watching Transformers 3 in 3D earlier this year I promised myself that I would never again watch a 3D movie.

Peter Jackson, however, seems intent on making me break that promise. The Hobbit currently filming in New Zealand is being filmed entirely in 3D. Jackson has been documenting the process with short video diaries directly from the set. The fourth video which was released earlier this month describes the process Jackson is using to film in 3D, as well as the reasons why he believes 3D can be a benefit to the story.

In the films that I have seen, 3D is used as little more than a gimic. Most films are converted to 3D in post-production with the sole purpose of squeezing more money from increased ticket prices. After watching Jackson’s latest video, I hold out hope that The Hobbit 3D might have what it takes to change my perception of 3D filmmaking. For now, I remain a skeptic.

Check out the video and see for yourself.

What are your thoughts about 3D? Do you think The Hobbit will be better or worse because of 3D?

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