The Hurt Locker Meets Justin Beiber

Thanks to an incessant parade of celebrity shilling, meaningless awardery and bottom-barrel joke muckraking, I’ve made it a point to miss the MTV movie awards over the last few years.

And while the award show made by the Hollywood Marketers Alliance is still a big shill, this clip kind of tilted me the other way, thanks mostly to the awesomeness of The Hurt Locker, the subtle self-effacing of Jeremy Renner and the smooth charm of Aziz Ansari.

Then again, there’s always the You Tube highlights.

3 comments On The Hurt Locker Meets Justin Beiber

  • Thanks for posting that, Dan. I actually laughed out loud.

  • Im not sure why i feel so hostel but part of me wants to curl up one of my meaty paws and punch that kid in the skull just to see if that gay frontal combed hairdo would fall out of place..just once.

  • Babae, babae, babaaae!

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