The Karate Kid Trailer Isn’t The Best Around

Remakes can be insufferable (take your pick from any horror remake over the last decade… or The Day The Earth Stood Still). They can also hold their own (3:10 to Yuma, The Ring, Clash of the Titans?). But mostly, they’re insufferable. Apparently, thanks to the debut of its trailer, the remake of the 80’s classic The Karate Kid plans on upholding the tradition.

And that’s not because we hate remakes. AATM has a firm policy: “Regardless of crappy track record, remakes are welcomed and will never illicit disparagement unless executed poorly.” So we may be a little too early to start shoveling rhetorical manure on L’il Will Smith Jr.’s new star vehicle, but all we have is the trailer and it makes me sad. Maybe it’s because I’m tired of the lame anthems played over the course of the trailer to keep it urban. Maybe it’s because Daniel is now a cute l’il tween in China and that just doesn’t resonate. Maybe it’s because Karate is Japanese and Jackie Chan (as Mr. Han– aka, Mr. Mayagi) is a Chinese Kung Fu Master. Or maybe it’s because all the interesting aspects of the original Karate Kid feel like they’ve been excised for poppy expediency. Either way, my vague interest in this project has turned to cold indifference.

Sure it’s dated, but here’s the trailer for the original Karate Kid. Compare the two and come away with a winner in the comment section pronto.

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  • Man i agree with you on evertything, the whole urban anthem thing and Jackie being chinese in Japan, lol. but i still…liked it, killin the fly with the swatter was classic.

    It'll be a silly movie but if i was a parent id probably take my kid to it.

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