Dan Vinton: The God of all Oscars

He won the Oscar Nomination Smackdown and now, Daniel Vinton has won the title of God of All Oscars with a win in the KVNU/AndyAtTheMovies.com Oscar Pick’em contest.

The contest was close, with the Best Picture winner (“The Hurt Locker“) determining the winner of the challenge. Dan’s 37 points bested second-place Andy’s 34. Tyler Riggs and Aaron Peck both pulled a 33, while everyman Harry Caines brought up the rear with a 28.

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  • Aaron Peck selected “Avatar” for sound mixing. I’m not going to update the graphic just for that, but am posting this for the record.

  • Congrats, Daniel. I knew midway through the telecast I should have picked The Hurt Locker. But hey, somebody had to stick up for the true best picture of the year, right?

  • What a bunch of political bullshit that was.
    Hurt locker running away with everything it did.

    Winning sound mixing over Avatar? PLeeze..
    Great and wonderful! A woman finally won best director!
    But then to give them best pic? What a joke.

    Well its not the first time a completely mediocre script and mediocre film ran away with the goods.
    But then why should i be surprised? They freely gave Bullock an oscar too!

    Hey everybody! Its free Oscars to go around!


  • The real tragedy is that everyone is focusing on the fact that a women won, instead of the best director won. It shouldn’t matter what her gender or race is! And I still have no desire to see Avatar! Great job on both of your picks. I love your website! Thank you for all the great reviews. 2009 was a great year of entertainment!

    • BTW, I agree. I hate the Oscar sideshow. It irritated me that Babs had to get her two cents in. I did like Monique’s speech. I thought hers was short and classy.

  • No desire to see Avatar?

    Do you have a heart? A SOUL?

    Kathy i dont know who you are and nothing personal but…

    Yur dead to me..

  • Avatar is turd. And so are you, DANNY.

  • I liked Avatar, but I definitely have talked to enough people who didn’t. Frankly, Kathy, I think you’d be surprised at how much you would enjoy the movie, especially considering your misgivings.

    Nick – I refuse to believe you didn’t like it. Never!

  • Andy, believe it. That movie sucked.

  • What? You didn’t glean any romance from two blue-skinned giants swapping bodily fluids by hooking their hairy-tailed USB ports togeter? Sexy!

    • Don’t you know hooking USB ports is the ONLY way to exchange bodily fluids?

      In case you were wondering, and I’m sure you weren’t, but just in case, I still haven’t seen it.

  • Uhh guys they werent usb ports they are IEEE 1394 Firewire ports you newbs, Pandorans only use Macs.

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