The Losers Poster is Anything But

Chris Evans has had a tough go. The guy’s imminently watchable but, like the equally watchable Ryan Reynolds up to this year (maybe?), his fire just isn’t spreading. How many almost made it movies does the guy have to star in to catch the break where his name becomes household, as opposed to reminding you of some kid you might have known back in college? I don’t know, but between the boring/slapdash/yet-liked-by-me Push, to the see it if you haven’t sci-fi thriller Sunshine to being the only redeeming facet of The Fantastic Four movies, I wish him the best.

Hopefully his next project, The Losers— which has the fantastic Grand Theft Auto feeling poster below– does the job.  Following the exploits of a Special Ops team left for dead who then wreak vengeful havoc on their CIA outters, The Losers is based on the DC comic of the same name and is set to debut in April 2010.

In the mean time, ogle the SPF 15 ready one-sheet.


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