Trailer Tues…Wednesday: The Lovely Bones

thelovelybonesAlice Sebold’s The Lovely Bones is one of the most powerful and emotional novels I have read in my entire life. It moved me in such a way that a film version didn’t seem possible or plausible. That’s the beauty of books and reading, the “movie” is painted in our minds by virtue of our imagination, not Hollywood’s. Nevertheless, my fears were stymied when Peter Jackson (The Lord of The Rings) was tagged to direct Sebold’s masterpiece.

My only concern with the newly released teaser trailer below is the concept of heaven as imagined by Peter Jackson and his longtime screenwriting collaborators, Fran Walsh and Philippa Boyens. The trailer presents her heaven as some type of Salvador Dali painting mingled with cutscenes from What Dreams May Come and rejected Yanni music videos. The book, to me, painted a much simpler heaven. One that looks much like the world we live in now, just without pain, violence and heartache. I would hate for the over-the-top images of “the world in between” to detract from the emotional resonance the Salmon family threads throughout the novel.

Have you read the book? If so, what do you think of the trailer? I’m going to keep an open mind, but I’d say right now I’m a little skeptical, especially with Mark Wahlberg as the father. Not sure if I like that casting. I’m sure my skepticism will boil over if The Time Traveler’s Wife sucks donkey next week. I’m guessing it will, as the trailer makes it look like a redeux of The Notebook.

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  • I haven’t read the book, but I just added it to my list for next time I’m at the library. Thanks.

  • I’ll be interested to get your take on the trailer/movie, once you’ve read the book. I thought the heaven scenes looked kinda bizarre.

  • I know this is a beloved novel and Pjack will do an amazing job of it but..Marky Mark? Pfft..

  • I haven’t read the book either, but thought the trailer looked pretty good. I will have to give the book a try.

  • Looks very enticing.

  • What’s wrong with The Notebook? Seriously, what? Old people-good, young people-good, a lake full of ducks-good, creepy stalker ex boyfriend- AWESOME!

    Anyway, Lovely Bones, loved the book, internet is too slow to watch trailer. Maybe tomorrow. Then maybe, just maybe, I will comment again. I know, you are holding your breath. Exhale now before you pass out.

  • The Notebook is fun to mock. Kind of like mocking Titanic. But we all know I saw both and enjoyed them.

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