The Movie Destined to Usher In Millenial Peace Revealed

And by revealed I mean James Cameron’s Avatar has released some concept art that’s not just lame set/bluescreen shots or images destined to be yanked by Fox studios. This is real, approved stuff– replete with Camerony future-military/fantastic fingerprints.

Beholden (and click to beholden bigger):


I’m a sucker for anything military/future military, so seeing stuff like this just fills my nerdy heart with unabated gid. I’m still not buying into the incredibly verbose hype that’s echoing off any mention of Avatar, but Cameron’s birthed some of my favorite cinematic babies and December can’t come fast enough. Ok, December can definitely slow its cold, sucktastic approach, but leave Avatar out of it.

To view an additional picture of a vehicle that looks suspiciously like the Aliens power loader, click here. You’ll quickly be whisked away to 3D praising site Market Saw, where you’ll also be wowed by the scooper’s xenomorphic zoological prowess. (Bansheeray! Leonopteryx! Fronklepotomus!).

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