The New Robin Hood Looks Like the Old Robin Hood, But With More Crowe

Andy and I had a little disagreement a while back. He said the 90’s Costner vehicle Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves was crapola. I disagreed. After viewing it again a few nights ago, I think I might have to acquiesce… it might be a little dated and a little silly. Or maybe I wasn’t feeling 90’s action vibe at the time. Either way, I’m sorry, Kevin Reynolds. I’ll still go to bat for Waterworld and Count of Monte Cristo though… but not Tristan + Isolde.

So three cheers for the march of time. Since Prince of Thieves is a full decade and a half behind us, Robin is due for a renaissance: If you didn’t know Ridley Scott was well into filming his next project Robin Hood for a 2010 release, consider yourself informed.

Russell Crowe plays the 00’s version (with William Hurt and Cate Blanchett throwing in some acting prowess as well) and USA Today debuted the first pic earlier today. It’s not a doozy, but with all the Russell Crowe love flowing around here since State of Play, it’s more than enough to feed your daily Russell hit.

Since it’s a USA Today exclusive, click on the cropped portion of the image below to see it in full over there.


11 comments On The New Robin Hood Looks Like the Old Robin Hood, But With More Crowe

  • Damn..My boy Crowe looks like hes been doin some push aways and is lookin almost Gladiator bad arse.

    Ridley Scott is one of the finest and he and crowe seem to love makin flicks together and gosh darnit im all for it..unless they both make another “A Good Year” with which they both were obviously hittin the blow and spending too much time together in a motel 8.

    Please Ridley dont make funny, quirky love stories.
    Stick to what you do best, Aliens bursting forth from thin englishman’s chests, helicopters mowing down middle eastern dudes and Darrel Hanna doing gymnastics in skintight leotards.

    ..And while were at it can i vote Alan Rickman be cast for Sheriff of Nottingham again? ;)

  • I’ll raise your post 3 chestbusted Englishmen and pretend I never saw that last sentence.

  • Yes, Mr. Crowe looks far less flappy here than in “State of Play.” I can’t even begin to think Ridley’s version of Robin Hood will suck. With the exception of “Blade Runner,” the man is pure solid gold.

  • What’s not to love about a movie that starts with a man drinking his own pee?

  • Alan Rickman indeed! I have to admit (and Andy should too) that in my younger years I quite enjoyed “Robin Hood: Prince of Theives.” And just because Kevin Costner’s british accent was atrocious, we still got a shot of his lovely hind-end……

  • Jenny: Nothing, that’s what.

  • Robin Hood Prince of Thieves is flat out crap. Anything with Bryan Adams singing is crap. And Waterworld? VOMIT! When he broke out the behind-the-ears gills and had a Pee Pee Cocktail, I checked out. I returned briefly for Jeanne Tripplehorn’s booty shot, but then fell asleep. Sorry, Dan, but that movie is poop.

  • Hate to admit i have a Bryan Adams Live cd that i hold ever so dear to my heart..When i drive down Bangerter with the sunroof open all the way..i sing at the top of my lungs.

    ..Everything i do! I do it for you!

    ..I just cried a little..

  • Andy, I appreciate your opinion.

    Even though it’s wrong.

  • Well, at least he redeemed himself with “The Postman.” HAHAHAHAHAHA!

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