The Pacific Trailer. Finally.

As we mentioned on The KVNU Movie Show a few weeks back, one of the best films to never hit a cineplex is HBO’s WW II D-Day to V-Day saga Band of Brothers– a 10-part series based on the late Steven Ambrose’s book of the same name.  It’s companion piece, The Pacific (covering the Marines WW II Pacific theater and the fight against Japan), has been swirling in rumor and production ever since. Thankfully, production has wrapped up and we’re finally going to be treated to the Tom Hanks/Steven Spielberg co-produced mini-series on HBO in 2010.

The trailer is what you’d expect– shooting, explosions, moments of humanity and voice-over introspection ala Terrence Malick’s The Thin Red Line–, but I’m just excited it’s finally going to debut in my lifetime.

If you’ve been watching HBO, you’ve probably seen this. If you don’t have HBO, here you go.

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