The Pacific’s New Trailer Needs a Time Machine

I’ve gone on record stating Band of Brothers is one of the best epic films never to have been shown at an art house or Megaplex. Since its debut way back in 2001 (yes, 8 years ago), there’s been a steady march toward a similar Spielberg/Hanks produced mini-series based on the conflict in the Pacific Theater– IE: where the US and Japan fought savage and nightmarish battles across specks of Pacific islands to, in many cases, Japan’s last man.

The new series, The Pacific, was teased earlier this year and will debut on HBO in March. If you have any doubts as to the epic scope and visceral, tragic impact of this new series, HBO has offered up a trailer to convince you otherwise. It’s fantastic and has whet my appetite to the point I’m considering going back to school for quantum physics so I can invent a time machine to get me to March 2010.

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