The (Pretty) Boys Who Cried Wolf

The following photo is one that will probably make the Twi-hards (Really? That’s what Twilight fans have named themselves?) swoon while their male partners find retribution and solace in breaking out a quick list of homophobic insults.

USA Today has premiered a promo shot for Twilight: New Moon. No, it’s not Edward– it’s the “Wolf Pack” boys exposing eight nipples, four belly buttons and a Photoshop workout that would make Tony Horton sad.

Once again, the image is an exclusive. Click the rejected International Male: Abercrombie Woodsman Edition image below to see all the shirtlessness magnified.


In the mean time, New Moon is currently filming in the land of cheap filmmaking (Oh, Canada!) and is on the super-duper-duper fast track for release later this year. If you think that’s fast (it is) the third book in the series, Eclipse, will begin shooting while New Moon is still in theaters– which makes sense in the moneymaking scheme of things, as Summit is wise to assume Twilight’s fandemonium as incredibly finite.


4 comments On The (Pretty) Boys Who Cried Wolf

  • Tightwads. Most of the first one was filmed north of Portland and around the Oregon coast.

    However, I was downtown a few weeks ago and stumbled on the set of that Timmothy Hutton show on USA or TNT, I don’t even remember what it’s called, but yeah, I was near famous people. And cameras and lights. I was a little offended nobody asked me to be an extra. Their loss.

  • Dude, my abs would look like that if I knew how to make them sparkle in Photoshop. And what’s with the dude on the right? He looks like he’s working up a big ol’ werewolf dump.

  • Sadly, I think the kid missed the modeling class where they went over the fine line between “bowel face” and “blue steel”.

    Oh, Twilight. Don’t you ever change, You.

  • I couldnt even get through Twilight..there was so much angst i wanted to chew on a bullet..

    Id have to agree with Stephen King..shes a terrible author.

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