The Road Trailer or Ode to Planet Beardatron

the-road_coverCormac McCarthy’s “The Road” is one of the most moving books I’ve ever read, probably because I dread the inevitable end-of-the-world and all the unfathomable violence and horror that would follow such a doomsday event, and also because I am a father and protecting my family is what I am supposed to do and would do by and with any means necessary.

But I’m not so sure about this trailer.

Does it look to be a great movie? Sure, but the way the trailer is structured makes me wonder how many liberties they’ve taken with the story, specifically how the world ends (which McCarthy never really spells out, but we assume nuclear war), Charlize Theron’s ample role despite portraying a character we only read about in the past tense, and how prevalent the “bad guys” are in the trailer. I do like how meaty Viggo’s beard is. He definitely has a place on Planet Beardatron.

Don’t get me wrong, I am looking forward to “The Road,” which hits theaters on October 16th, 2009, but I’m thinking again of how books-to-movies always seem to be more disappointing than fulfilling.

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  • I haven’t read the review because it’s blocked here at work, but apparently there’s some good information here:

    Apparently the review states that the trailer is pretty horrible and makes the movie look way different than it actually is.

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  • When we first watched this trailer, my impression was that it was cut to appeal to a mass audience. It comes off as a horror– with one scene extended to fit the whole trailer. I wouldn’t be surprised that the grim nature of the material (despite its underlying heart), has the studio wondering how to sell it to a mass audience. the release date has been shuffled several times– and I’d bet that plays a part (that and some post-work/reshoots). Looks like this trailer is the answer to the “how do we sell this?” issue… and if the film is anything like the review, The Road is being done a disservice.

  • This is really a good book to read.

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