The Twilight Saga: New Moon MTV Teaser

The MTV Movie Awards were tonight and you didn’t miss anything. Between a few funny bits from Andy Samberg, Bruno (Sacha Baron Cohen) putting his butt crack in Eminem’s face and Megan Fox and Ana Faris serving as visual Viagra, you might have caught this extended clip from “The Twilight Saga: New Moon.” If you didn’t, you can see it below. My take? The CGI werewolf is lame and I’m also wondering with the emotionality of the Bella/Edward love affair is going to seem old and dingy. Oh, wait. I know. Soon.

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  • Aaaaaaaaaaw! Dude turns into a puppy!

    Actually, this looks far more interesting than the first, even if Bella’s still the poster child for giving up downers for anti-depressants.


  • From a female perspective ;)…hahaha…I think that despite the fact that New Moon was not my favorite book, this movie will be better then the first one because it has a better story line for a movie. I will jump on the girl bandwagon and say that I am super excited for November.

  • I just became a little closer to gay after watching that trailer..

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