The Weekend Wide Movie Guide: 5.10.09

Happy weekend! Early.

Three wide releases. One succinct, if not overcrowded, summary. Here we go.

observeObserve and Report: Omnipresent Seth Rogan and cute but always subversive Anna Faris wield their hilarious ways in this not-so-feel-good comedy tribute to gratuitous male nudity. Mr. Rogan plays an overzealous mall cop with aspirations of real cop success. He’s also and overzealous mall cop with aspirations on winning the keys to a shallow beauty-counter girl’s heart and pants (Ferris). All his wildest dreams come true when when a flasher decides the mall is the place to let the good times roll. Audience discomfort and nervous laughter to ensue.

dragonballDragonball: Evolution: Like Street Fighter before it, Dragonball: Evolution arrives with its critical mass all but spent years ago. Maybe there’s a weekend surprises here, but when a movie’s popularity is down 7% on the week it opens, that’s usually a cue for the sucking sound of money down the toilet. Sorry, 20th Century Fox. Nevertheless, Dragonball’s received heavy advertising rotation on kids channels, ensuring at least 15 people will turn over a portion of their income to see some kid with tall hair and a penchant for jumping around in a wire harness go all out to pick up seven glowballs that grant power unlimited. A crazy-shirted Chow Yun-Fat aids in the quest.

hannahHannah Montana The Movie: Disney Channel tween overacting ridiculousness be damned! Hannah Montana is on her way to rock your world and reveal what the blonde wig never could—she’s a brunette! This movie needs no explanation as an extension of the wildly popular TV series, clothing line, music empire, and all things pink and sparkly. The only explanation needed would be why, sans girls 4-14, you’d be going to see this.

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