The Wolfman Release Date Change…Again

This is Benicio del Toro WITHOUT makeup.

In 2006, Universal Pictures announced they were remaking the 1941 horror classic “The Wolf Man” (that starred Lon Cheney, Jr – no relation to Dick, and Béla Lugosi) and had the hariest man in Mexico, Benicio del Toro, cast as the lead lycan, Lawrence Talbot. “The Wolfman” was given a release date of November 2008 and subsequently things went down the pooper. Original director, Mark Romenak, left the movie because of “creative” differences and Joe Johnston (“Jumanji,” “Jurassic Park III”) was brought in to finish the job. The release date was changed to November 6, 2009.

Now we have news the date has changed yet again to February 12, 2010. So this begs the question, is this film, with a seemingly stellar cast (del Toro, Emily Blunt, Anthony Hopkins, Hugo Weaving) simply being cared for with delicate hands – meaning the studio wants to put out the best product possible, or is this a project that has been doomed from the start of it’s first “creative” differences? I tend to gravitate to the latter scenario, especially with the release in February, which traditionally is reserved for movies that time forgot and studios wish to wash their hands of. That’s my take, but I don’t claim to have a spycam into Universal’s marketing boardroom, either.

What’s your take? Any interest in seeing a remake of “The Wolf Man?”

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  • I’m intersted. Werewolves are the only creatures thatcan still kinda gimme the creeps at the movies– (sans their transformation back to naked and curled so u can’t see the weenie dudes) and have been callously brushed aside as of late in favor of their sissy kin of mysticism: vampires. Dumb.

    I’d imagine this production is troubled and Jo Johnston, while technically sturdy, is no director of weight or substance. I’d imagine it will do better in February (where horror usually does decently) than November, which is laden with hefty award fare sure to earn more noteriety.

  • Well the cast is certainly there.

    ..But nothing will ever replace my beloved Jack as an old school Wolfman..nothing!

  • We are all frustrated, yes, with the constant reshuffle of this film’s release date. Enough already!

    Also btw Andy, Benicio del Toro is from the Island of Puerto Rico, not Mexico. Just as you are from Utah and not from Brazil. :)

  • Mexico…Brazil…Utah…Puerto Rico…Canada, it’s all the same. We’re all children of Mother Earth, hairy and un-hairy alike.

  • Me -I’m interested. Specially with a cast like this – hopefully it will live up to expectations.

  • I could agree more Susan. Anthony Hopkins is pure gold.

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