Third Men in Black Movie Just Got More Enticing…But Not Really

Remember how Men in Black, starring Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith, was an awesome movie and a nice summer surprise back in 1997? Remember how its sequel, Men in Black II, was pure crap? Remember how 3D sucks donkey balls and how Men in Black will be returning for a third time to the big screen, this time dry humping the ever living snot out of Hollywood’s favorite visual gimmick? Don’t get me wrong, thinking of Smith and Jones trying to redeem themselves after 2002’s disaster has some appeal, but not enough to make me giddy with joy for a third MIB movie.

Oh, but wait! Stop the presses! There are castings and rumors of castings galore!

First and foremost, we know Josh Brolin (Jonah Hex) is already signed, as is Jermaine Clement (The Flying Concords), and both those actors add a little flavor, particularly Clement, to this sequel. You can also add Betty White (The Proposal) and Nicole “Pussycat Doll” Scherzinger to the official cast list, but in what capacity is unknown. As for the rumors, a few weeks ago it was reported Alec Baldwin (30 Rock), Gemma Arterton (Clash of the Titans) Emma Thompson (Nanny McPhee Returns) and Sharlto Copley (District 9) were nanoseconds away from joining the Barry Sonnenfeld sci-fi romp. Unless I missed some piece of news, these castings have not been confirmed and are only rumors, nothing more.

Would a third MIB film, in 3D, pumped full of big-name actors make me pine for May 25, 2012. Absolutely not. This movie will hit theaters 10 years after the 2002 dud. I suppose a top-notch screenplay could cause my cold heart to melt, but I highly doubt it. In my opinion, these castings are nothing but polish for a movie that is flimsy from the get-go. Just another example of Hollywood milking the money teat for every last drop.

3 comments On Third Men in Black Movie Just Got More Enticing…But Not Really

  • I don’t like the 3-D movies either but I think this movie will be entertaining.

  • I don’t know…I hope so, but this just seems like Hollywood doesn’t have any fresh ideas so they go right for the low-hanging fruit, a sequel.

  • As it turns out, in high school, they called me Mr. Low-hanging fruit.

    But yes, why they’d throw a third installment out after the crapfest that was II is an affront to all known science and the balance of not just the universe, but eternity itself. I loved the first, but all the casting in the world cant save a bagged turd that’s belching smoke and flame on your front porch. You knew what it was when you picked it uuuuuuup….

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